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Gardena Bail Bonds FAQs

Bail Bonds in Gardena Ca-What bail bond is
What does bail bond mean?

Bail bond is a contract guaranteed by the state licensed bondsman and this bondsman is backed by insurance company.


A bail agent or A bail bonds company is responsible for the whole bond amount in case the defendent does not appear to all court dates. Important note, always make sure that you deal with a licensed agent.!

Bail Bonds in Gardena-How is Bail amount set
How bail amount set.!

Before bail amount is set, public safety is alwayes taken into consideration. The higher bail amount means that the crime is more severe .  County bail schedules will generally include bail amount for the crime and also for extenuating circumstances.  i.e ,(DUI OR DWI) The bail amount for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be higher if injury or fatality is included with the accident.

Quick Bail Bonds Gardena-Bail Bond premium
How much does it cost to post a bail bond?

The bail bond premium in California is 10% of the bail amount, each state sets its rates and these rates are always non negotiable.


there is no taxes or any hidden fees for bail bond. If the bail amount for example is 10,000 $, the bail bond premium will be 1000 $ (10% of the bail amount).

Bail Bonds agencies (by California law) can't charge less or more than the 10%

Quick Bail Bonds in Gardena Ca-How can you pay for bail bond
How can you pay for a bail bond?

We accepts all payment methods.  Sometimes the client does not have the full premium amount.


We offer different payment options.  Such as flexible payment plans or zero % financing. We do't require collateral unless it's necessary. If you have any question please contact us at (310) 598-3656

Bail Bonds Gardena-What collateral is?
What is collateral for Gardena bail bonds?

Collateral is something of value pledged for the repayment of a loan or to ensure that you will indeed pay the debt.


The reason behind collateral is that Bail Bonds agencies want to make sure that the defendant will show up to court dates.  Collateral can be a property or in the form of cash.  once the defendant is done with all his/her court dates and the case is finished the collateral will be returned immediately.

Quick Bail Bonds in Gardena-financing
Is financing available?

At Sunrise Bail Bonds Gardena we have the financing option.

Our financing program is zero %.!

We offer payment plans that fits your budget.

We also offer collateral based bail bonds to qualified applicants.

co-signers are acceptable, indemnitor has to make sure he/she understands the responsiblity before signing.

Quick Bail Bonds Gardena-Indemnitor?
What is my responsibility as an Indemnitor?

If you decide to bail a loved one out of jail, you will be taking full responsibility to make sure that the your loved one shows up to the assigned court date. If the he or she decides to skip bail and not show up to court, then you will be responsible for the full bail amount.

Bail Bonds in Gardena-missing court date
What should I do if i miss my court date?

If you are out on bail and for some reason you forgot to go to court, then you need to contact the bail bond agency immediately and they will provide you with documents necessary for you to be able to go to court with no problem.

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