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Gardena Police Department.

The department is responsible for about sixty thousand residents throughout the city of Gardena and they have done an amazing job at keeping the peace thus far. The department consists of 115 full-time officers as well as 31 part-time employees. What makes the Gardena Police Department special is their innovative program for the prevention and investigation of criminal activity in the city of Gardena which is called the Gardena Crime Accountability and Reduction Strategy. This system was established in the hope of being able to distribute crime information throughout the city more easily. They look at real-time crime statistic to detect patters and identify geographic areas in order to better distribute patrol officers more effectively.


The main focus of this strategy is to impact crime and disorder by using advanced technology by using the information from the system to help lower the crime rate throughout the city. This will also help make sure that there are police patrolling the main parts of the city with the most crime constantly.


If there are more police in the high crime areas, then the residents of the city will be safer and will not have to worry about the safety of their lives and family. Every officer in the police department is highly trained and can handle every situation that may occur throughout the different communities in the city. Gardena residents are happy with the law enforcement entitled to them. With the growing law enforcement and this new system to distribute officers will help reduce the crime rate substantially and make the city of Gardena a much safer place to live and visit. For more info please contact us.

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