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Domestic Violence Agencies confront difficult challenges

Domestic violence is a very serious social illness and according to statistics, a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds. The worst part is that the victims often feel ashamed and choose to not confide in anyone about their problems. However, a few domestic violence agencies have met up to set up some kind of safe haven for victims of domestic violence to turn to. They have set up shelters all along the Los Angeles County in cities such as Gardena. According to Bail Bonds Gardena, a local bail bond agency, they deal with about 10 domestic violence cases a week making it the leading offense they see on a daily basis. The city of Gardena realizes the seriousness of this issue and these domestic violence agencies are the first step to coming up with a solution to get the victims to come out and reveal their secrets so their loved ones could finally help them find a solution.

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